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About the Team


In a REAL, truly decentralized DAO each holder is a team member and shares responsibilities and powers, making the success of the DAO reliant on its members.
The creators consist of a diverse and inclusive team of friends and artists from all corners of the world, representing various backgrounds and walks of life, with inclusion woven into our very fabric. Notably, some of our founding members identify as LGBTQIA+, while others are allies. Regardless of background, all team members support global equality and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their respective fields. Our team values diversity and welcomes people from all backgrounds, religions, cultures, genders, and personal preferences.
Unfortunately, some LGBTQIA+ members live in countries where being LGBTQIA+ is a criminal offense, with evidence of the death penalty still present in 9 countries.
Safety, security and longevity of the project as well as our community are top priorities as still in large portions of the world it’s everyday dangerous and deadly for hundreds of millions if not billions of people to exist freely. GOGE is a social movement and no individual should ever overpower or overshadow, neither the movement nor the decentralized technology. With the growth of web3 social media, PFP culture and anonymity being valued over publicity, and rampart prejudice / disconnect in traditional web2 social medias, a global cultural shift is taking place and humans are connected like never before; the possibility for certain freedoms existing is a reality closer like never before.
The hope for our future humanity lies heavily in technology, and truly all good things needs people who care.
We have chosen the path of anonymity, like many great crypto-pioneers before us, inspired by the anonymous Pancake Swap development team and Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto. The $GOGE team has founded another true anonymous monetary and civil solution amidst a world of corruption, inflation and hate. In this case, for everyone’s safety and security and the project's longevity, we will follow in our icon's footsteps regarding the anonymity of the creator(s).