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Goge NFT Passports


What is stronger than a community but a country? Community members can officially become $GOGE citizens for life with the world’s first ever NFT passport from Goge / Gogeland!
Front cover of GOGE NFT Passport
GOGE NFT Passport open
They are 3D animated, designed & created from our amazing art team! One of the many real life utilities we are building for the $GOGE ecosystem! Our passports are even more unique than any ordinary physical passport and will provide citizens with exclusive benefits, special secret surprises, with all the traditional passport uses, holders can also collect them all and add to their NFT collection! We aim to make it possible so one can personalize their passport as well as add stamps and stickers to their $GOGE passport of places visited in the massive metaverse and their favourite NFT collections! We have already airdropped hundreds of our 1st edition NFT passports to holders as gifts.
In the future we believe all forms of identification and official documents will be digital, existing securely and verifiable on the blockchain as NFTs and we wanted to take the title as the first to do so. We are the first project / nation in the world to utilize blockchain technology / NFT passports as official digital identity documents.
$GOGE passports are the first digital versions of an official document issued by a government, certifying the holder’s identity and citizenship and entitling them to travel under its protection to and from foreign countries that acknowledge Gogeland as a legitimate nation state!