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Gogeland - Micronation & Metaverse


Goge is solidified in history forever, having built and achieved more than even the leading projects in our field, in fact we’re one of the only Defi projects with a live and hand built metaverse, Gogeland, the 1st official LGBTQ+ Metaverse to exist for ALL people!
Over many months our team hand built our custom and massive metaverse for Goge, complete with Goge Town Square including our colossal CZ Binance statue! Some of the features and regions of Gogeland includes: The Capitol city, New Goge City, Crypto Qutie Island, Goge Colosseum, The Goge Coast, Gogeland Theme park, our DAO government building, Goge gardens, the museums district, Goge University, Goge Colosseum the De- financial district, The BSC news building, play and earn events, ultimate trivia, games, treasure hunts with crypto rewards, and so much more, with $GOGE being an official currency! Not to mention the ongoing treasure hunts in our Metaverse for various prizes!
With GOGELAND, we officially declared ourselves the 1st virtual crypto based micro nation, and 1st Nation with a DAO government, our nation exists virtually and will be fully community driven with our DAO!