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True Decentralization

In our pursuit to promote the ideals of GOGE, we aim to leverage technology to create and strengthen communities worldwide. Thanks to technological advancements, the world is more connected than ever before, and individuals have greater power at their fingertips. By working together, we can achieve the impossible, and true decentralization can only be realized through the collective efforts of its members.
A successful long-term project should be planned with the future in mind, spanning several hundred years and beyond. With the average human lifespan ranging between 60 to 80 years, it is important to establish a True DAO that can operate seamlessly even after the founders or key personnel are no longer around.
True decentralization means being free from human control or dependence. The blockchain provides technological perpetuity and immortality, unlike humans who are mortal and prone to error. The Bitcoin network is an excellent example of true decentralization, relying solely on its users to function without any governing powers. However, many blockchain-based projects are still heavily centralized, with one person or a small team having complete control over crucial aspects such as token ownership, marketing wallets, and smart contracts. This practice of heavily centralized control & power over a project from one or multiple human essential entities is extremely dangerous, easily compromised, far riskier and extremely outdated and old fashioned in our technologically advanced world.
For many projects, it unfortunately only takes one thing to happen to the owners/ developers and the entire project is unable to do anything and is indefinitely terminated, this problem is easily solved with a true DAO, introducing Goge DAO, the world's 1st true DAO!
Goge Council, or BFF (Best Friends Forever) - The Goge Council or BFF is a group of prominent GogeDAO members with extra responsibilities, duties and powers, all are welcome to apply to join! True decentralization will be achieved over time and certain power and responsibilities will be transitioned by the Goge Council.