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GogeDAO Just DAO it

In a true DAO, all holders have power via proposals and votes, $GOGE token holders are not just community members but also team members and citizens of Gogeland. The era of « Devs » is over… no human should be an unchecked power or essential part of any project, especially when it’s involving funds, true decentralization is true security.
Now with GogeDAO, if you are a holder you have just as much power as a Dev or the team of developers, if one wants something, propose it or vote for it!
GOGEDAO is the world’s 1st real DAO, a true DAO, fully decentralized, autonomous organization fully on-chain, as well as the 1st DAO with automatic changeable rewards and first project to feature stake-to-vote technology!
In a True DAO, each holder becomes a part of the team, and with GogeDAO each holder becomes a citizen of Gogeland!
In contrast to the more common, more centralized controlled projects whereas one team or person is in charge and has complete authority and control over the entire project including all project wallets, the design of a true DAO is owned and operated by each token holder and encourages community based direct action.