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GogeDAO Just DAO it


GogeDAO is an innovative on-token project, with a unique approach that has established it as the world's first community-owned Developmental, Marketing, and Community DAO. Unlike other projects, GogeDAO has no team tokens or centralized ownership, giving full autonomy to token holders to govern and direct the development, marketing, and advancement of the project.
Developmental DAO is fully focused on growth and progress, with its token contract incorporating DAO functions that enable developers from around the world to propose development work, which is then subjected to community voting. This platform offers unlimited opportunities for members to bring their ideas to life including changes to the token and DAO themselves!
Marketing DAO is fully focused on promoting the project, with its token contract also incorporating DAO functions that allow holders to submit marketing proposals and ideas, subject to community voting. Once passed, the funds are released from the marketing allocations and utilized to complete the approved marketing campaign, maximizing exposure and adoption.
Community DAO is fully owned by its community of holders, who have voting power on the advancement of the entire project. Every holder is considered part of the team, creating a fully decentralized and democratic structure that enables equal participation and ownership in the project's governance. This ensures that every decision made aligns with the community's interests and preferences.
Overall, GogeDAOs unique approach establishes it as a trailblazer in the decentralized space, providing a level of community-driven decision-making and participation that is unparalleled in the industry.