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Abstract/ Initiative


A purely peer-to-peer, virtual and blockchain based version of life, currencies and nation states, would allow all living beings on the Internet a truly connected and equal world; universal citizenship, basic natural freedoms, electronic economies, borderless cultures, truly decentralized autonomous community governance, digital identities in a digital society that exists in perpetuity on the network, and without the need for physical means.


GogeDAO, token symbol $GOGE, is an innovative, experimental, and community- based project, aiming to revolutionize the digital and offline worlds as the first and most decentralized true DAO. $GOGE was created to unite humans throughout the universe, ensure freedoms, spread love, fight hate and global inequality, directly changing the world through the power of blockchain technology, all while making crypto truly fun.
Goge was born as DogeGaySon in early 2021 during the Doge family member trend within the beginning of the meme coin era, being the 1st LGBTQIA+ token to exist and the 1st Doge token with dividend yield automatically paid in $CAKE, and the 1st token to be an official currency of the 1st virtual micronation Gogeland a project and movement truly for ALL human beings.
Creating an international, safe, and ever growing permanent virtual community for all, and building an ecosystem for holders to use their $GOGE and changeable automatic rewards in the digital and real world. Engaging community members and citizens in daily activities, games, events, and being a bridge, connecting people from all backgrounds and orientations across the world.
We believe that true global equality and the pursuit of happiness should be accessible to all people worldwide. That's why we are a direct peer-to-peer internet and crypto- based community that welcomes everyone to join.
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