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The $GOGE Token

$GOGE is the MOST UNIQUE project ever made in the history of Blockchain, Crypto, Defi, DAOs, NFTs, Micro-nations and the Metaverse!
Goge is many things, a meme coin, a true DAO, a movement, a symbol of LGBTQIA+ and human equality, a micro-nation that exists virtually with a live metaverse, a community, the cutest dog logo in crypto and a message! Similar to a rainbow that resembles a bridge with various beautiful different colours, Goge exists as a bridge to connect humans across the world through blockchain technology, no matter what colour one likes, it exists in the rainbow, much like Goge and its colours / various unique elements!
Originally Goge was born a meme coin during the rise of meme coins in 2021, specifically those inspired by the trend of Dogecoin family members and rewards (dividends) tokens, BabyDoge, Daddydoge, Mommydoge, Uncledoge and so on (all of which no longer exist apart from one). We believe that in a lot of families and places across the world, the LGBTQIA+ family member is often left out, and in many cases excommunicated or worse. In a space dominated by “crypto bros” and where every day new strong communities arise around animated animals, we believe Goge is needed in the space to simply exist and also represent those not represented yet. The web3 community is made up and built by all kinds of people, with all types of unique differences that make humans special.
In a world where homophobia dangerously exists still and change is crucial, we’ve created a new movement for human equality for all, similar to the pride movement but with a different approach. In web3, we can all be friends, we believe Change Begins On Chain!
$GOGE is currently the largest $CAKE rewards token (PancakeSwap’s native token), in fact since going live Goge has bought and automatically rewarded around 1.5 million in $CAKE to holders in only the first year! With GogeDAO the automatic rewards can be changed by the holders through the system of proposals and votes, for example one month the automatic rewards could be Bitcoin, the next Doge, the next Cake, even Goge! The rewards get sent directly to your
$GOGE holding wallet!
In only a few months and despite existing during one of the worst economic times in history, achieving an all-time high market cap of 17.7 million dollars, gifting over 20,000 in prizes and donating over 10,000$ to multiple different LGBTQIA+ charities including Trans Lifeline, Human Rights Campaign and Outright Action International!
Goge is very proud to be able to donate and support these causes with our international community and to continually support different LGBTQIA+ charities that are heavily underfunded! Goge exists to be a safe space for all, to ensure freedoms of governance of finance, to push for freedom of life and freedom to love worldwide and support those with our common goals.
Goge proudly exists as a LGBTQIA+ project in a world of hatred and violence, being a place all are welcome to be apart and can be wherever there is internet, as well as advocating and bringing awareness to these issues that are everyday costing human lives. Without our community, none of this would be possible, we believe all humans are beautiful and we love all alike, our international family grows larger and stronger every day and we continue to spread something different and needed in the space and the world, Love!
What we have growing and what we are is something truly special, we are building bridges to change the world!